Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Introducing IHERB

Hi  everyone and especially people with newly found interest in the makeup world.  =) I have something interesting for you. Have you ever wish to own makeup brushes but never get to buy it because it is so expensive? Or you could not find any decent brushes with affordable price? For people like me who used to and still do shop my makeup products in the drugstore, I find it hard or even impossible to find those stores selling makeup brushes. You can find any other type of makeup but these stores rarely sell makeup tools (brushes).

Months ago, when I started to watch makeup tutorial from beauty gurus, MUAs, etc, I came across these makeup brushes/ makeup brands:

                                                                           Real Techniques


Why people love the brands? They are good quality brushes and most importantly, AFFORDABLE.


Although the word affordable varies to people, what may be affordable for you may not be affordable to me, I would say that everyone will agree if I say you can buy one single brush with S3 / RM10 or S18/RM60 for 4/5 brushes with its own case. And these are brushes with good quality.

So, while browsing the net months ago, I found few blogs posted about this website.



This website sells various natural and organic products but what I love the most about them is, they sell the three brands I mentioned above (Real Techniques, Ecotools and Elf).

Apart from that, below are what I love about it as well:

1.  The prices are not that different with the real prices of the products

Elf products for instance is sell as low as S1.99 in iherb whereas in the Elf official website, S1.00. But for other products in Elf, the price is similar.

2. They provide prices estimation in Ringgit Malaysia and other currency as well.

I always find the currency conversion helpful when I shop. 

3. They accept Debit card and Credit card

Those of you who don't own credit card need not worry because iherb accept debit card as well. Just make sure that your balance is more than the total amount of purchase since currency conversion may not be exactly accurate.

4. The delivery time of the product is fast!!!

I am not sure about other delivery but I always choose DHL Express - International. I noticed that iherb usually process order on Friday. May not be applicable to all but for most of my purchase, the products will be shipped on Friday (Malaysia time). DHL Express - International also provide tracking number so you can track your parcel. Normally my parcel will go to Hong Kong or Korea become coming to Malaysia. 
The fastest delivery I experienced is with my second iherb haul. We ordered on Friday, they processed and shipped the parcel on the same day and on Monday afternoon, we received the parcel.

                                   Friday - Saturday - Sunday - Monday ( fast right?)

But that will depend on the number of the product and its availability.

 The cost for shipping? Few months ago, it was $8 and now S14. A bit expensive but you can always save more by buying more or share with your friends =).

So, below is my haul for the past few months

First iherb Haul

1. Ecotools Mini Essential Set ($5.99 / RM 20.71)

Since I don't have much money in my Debit Card and I was trying to see whether this website is reliable, I purchase only one product and it arrived safely. 

Second iherb Haul

A share haul with my best friend. What we got:


1. Real Techniques Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set ($18 / RM 60.61)
2. EcoTools Five Piece Mineral Set (S9.99 / RM 33.64)
3. EcoTools Bamboo Lash & Brow Groomer (S2.99 / RM 10.07)
4. Elf Eyebrow Lifter & Filler in Ivory/Medium (S3 / RM 10.10)

For my friend:

1. Elf Blush in Shy (S2.99 / RM 10.07)

2. Ecotools Mini Essential Set ($5.99 / RM 20.71)

Third iherb Haul

Tools/ Brushes
1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge ($6/ RM 20.20) - 2 unit
2. EcoTools Bamboo Foundation Brush ($5.99 / RM 20.17)
3. Elf Concealer Brush ($3/ RM 10.10)
4. Elf Angled Blush Brush ($3/ RM 10.10)
5. Elf Retractable Lip Brush ($3/ RM 10.10)

1. Elf Loose Powder in Sheer ($6/ RM 20.20)
2. Elf Maximum Coverage Concealer in Nude ($3 / RM 10.10)
3. Elf Beach Beauty Palette, Day ($6 / RM 20.20)

1. Elf Eyebrow Kit in Medium ($3/ RM 10.10)
2. Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen ($1.99/ RM 6.96)
3. Elf Eyebrow Stencil Kit ($1.99/ RM 6.96)
4. Elf Mineral Eyeliner in Black ($3/ RM 10.10)

1.Sierra Bees Organic Cocoa Butter Lip Balm ($0.95/ RM 3.32)
2. Elf Studio Conditioning Lip Balm in Blissful Berry and Peaceful Pink ($3/ RM 10.10)
3. Elf Matte Lip Color in Natural ($3/ RM 10.10)
4. Elf Lipstick in Captivating ($1.99 / RM 6.96)

1.  Madre Labs Unscented Hand Cream ($4.95 / RM 17.72)

So, happy reading and happy shopping =)
Images by Freepik